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Favorite Things Section

Favorite Things Section Image
MANY people have asked us what we use for power systems and build items. Here's a special section to showcase and offer our favorite parts, the very same things we use in our truck builds.
Favorite Things Section
Helios RC Battery 1500 3s Image

Helios RC Battery 1500 3s
Our Favorite TinyTruck battery

Tiny ECX Shocks Image

Tiny ECX Shocks
Our Favorite TinyTruck shocks

Tamiya Leaf Spring Set Image

Tamiya Leaf Spring Set
Our Favorite TinyTruck Leaf Springs

Castle Slate Crawl Motor 1900kv Image

Castle Slate Crawl Motor 1900kv
Our Favorite TinyTruck Brushless motor

Castle Micro X ESC Image

Castle Micro X ESC
Our Favorite TinyTruck Brushless ESC

Castle 10A BEC Image

Castle 10A BEC
Our Favorite TinyTruck BEC