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CrossCanyon Basic Combo Kit

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Watch the Assembly video below from The Tank:

This total kit will let you convert an SCX-10, Scorpion or AX-10 crawler into a ready to scale truck in no time. The CC Scaler kit comes with our front mount transmission-motor plate, the GCM transfer case, skidplate, servo mount, and CrossCanyon frame rails. All you have to do is swap in the crawler rig parts, setup your links to the body wheelbase, add scale shocks, and a scaler truck appears from the bench. These kits are designed specifically to use what you already have to assemble a great new scaler platform.
From 11 inches to 13+ inches wheelbase there's an easy setup available to you for just about any body style. This Combo kit is worldwide popular for putting together the NewBright JK bodies, and with a trim of the rear shock tower as shown, it's a perfect fit. And there's always lots of room for your interior with the motor and trans up front.
The AXIAL front motor plate can be mounted in the motor-forward or motor-centered by simply installing the motor plate reversed. It's that easy! The geometry of the plate and the mounting holes in the CrossCanyon chassis allow for perfect shaft alignment with the Transfer Case input. The VENOM Creeper conversion kit allows for a rearward mounted motor and the same servo and T-Case setups as the AXIAL conversions. This level of setup adjustment lets you fit your components in enough positions to allow just about any body and interior fitment, or adjust for weight balance and transfer. Even the skidplate has mounting options to get the T-Case input on the correct side to match your setup. Shown below, the Servo mount plate can be used right or left bias, and can accept the servo on top for droop or high knuckle builds, or mount the servo below for short horn or sprung setups. In any case, the servo can be used to match the way you build so you can use your favorite setups on this simple platform.
Choose options of Axial transmission or Venom transmission. All metal parts are black anodize and the center skidplate is black Delrin plastic.

Check this
link here for setup tips and videos.

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