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R4 Motor Mount Plate with Slots

R4 Motor Mount Plate with Slots Image

This is the simple fix for this great scale transmission.. it's BEGGING to be put in a nice scale truck build, but without a proper fitting motor mount plate, the options are limited.

This simple GCM motor plate fits directly on to the R4 Scale transmission (RC4wd part # Z-U0031) and lets the builder add a motor of choice to drive this great transmission! So easy, and yet so necessary! The GCM motor plate also includes 2 bracket mounting holes for M3 screws so you can secure this amazing scale unit to your truck without it flopping around.
This motor plate has slots for the motor to slide, so you can use 12t up to 15t pinion gears (48 pitch).

Our 3d Printed motor covers are available at our GCM Racing ShapeWays store Here at this link !

Each unit includes one bare aluminum mount plate and 2 motor attaching screws.

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